Pole Report Generator

Save time and operational costs through an automated approach to quality assurance and compliance.

An all-in-one Quality Assurance & Compliance Tool. Pole Report Generator is a fully customizable structure reporting engine that enforces PLS-CADD modeling standards and compliance requirements.

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Pole Report Generator

A highly configurable post processing engine for PLS-CADD, the Pole Report Generator PRG was designed to meet GO95 record keeping requirements with a clean, simple one page summary report for each structure in a PLS-CADD model. Recently, we’ve expanded this integration to serve as a Quality Control tool with a comprehensive notification system. In addition, PRG can be customized to integrate with existing databases or other internal record keeping systems.

The PRG Integration is valuable for achieving:

  • One Page Structure Summary Reports (Sample)
  • PLS-CADD Model Quality Control Automation
  • Enterprise Database Integration

Story of Development

The PRG was developed when working with San Diego Gas and Electric (“SDG&E”) on compliance issues in California, specifically rule 44.2 which mandates that utilities maintain a record of pole loading calculations for the service life of each structure. This project marked a focus on compatibility with an existing database and the need for custom reporting and ways to enforce PLS-CADD modeling.

SDG&E was searching for a way to meet its compliance obligations with California’s GO95, specifically rule 44.2. SDG&E already had an existing database used to store pole loading calculations which they wanted to begin integrating PLS-CADD data into. In addition to this requirement, they were looking for a way to enforce their PLS-CADD modeling standards across both their transmission and distribution systems. We embarked on a multi-year project to develop a fully customized solution which addressed each of their concerns.

We worked with SDG&E and PLS in order to define and extract the data needed to generate these compliance reports directly from information produced by PLS-CADD. With SDG&E’s IT Team, we worked to ensure the reports and data we were producing would be compatible with their existing information systems and submittal procedures. We worked with SDG&E’s engineering team to develop a unique report highlighting the most critical pieces of information which found use both as a record keeping source, but also as a handy concise field resource. Additionally, we defined the PLS-CADD QA/QC rules which enforced their PLS-CADD modeling specification document. The end result is an all-in-one reporting tool which integrates PLS-CADD data into SDG&E’s existing information systems and enforces the PLS-CADD design process across SDG&E’s entire PLS-CADD workforce.


Our team has presented our industry tested solutions at the Bi-Annual PLS Advanced Training and User Group Meeting in 2015, 2017 and 2019

Sample Report

Highlights one of the many custom report formats that the Pole Report Generator is capable of producing.


A 20 minute video walk-through of the Pole Report Generator.

Advanced in XML Reporting

Presentation given at the 2017 PLS Advanced Training and User Group meeting.