Power Line Reporting

Power Line Reporting enables an electric utility to overcome the design bottlenecks and complex compliance obligations of their overhead power line assets by leveraging the full potential of PLS-CADD™.

Power Line Reporting is a comprehensive PLS-CADD™ companion application and consists of multiple modules, each addressing a unique aspect of the overhead power line design process.

PRG: Pole Report Generator
Enforce modeling standards, 1 page structure summary reports (Sample)


IKE: The IKE 4 to PLS Integration
Pole Loading, As-Built Verification, Pole Replacements


LTG: Load Tree Generator
Manipulate PLS-CADD structure loads into a Manufacturer Friendly Report


BOM: Material List Generator
Automatically size and select bolt lengths, calculate foundation backfill, …


Grid Search: A lightweight PLS-CADD repository
Versioned History, Expose the PLS-CADD Data Set


PLS Tools: Assorted Single Function Tools
Unique operations to augment PLS-CADD design


We’ve presented our industry tested solutions at the Bi-Annual PLS Advanced Training and User Group Meeting in 2015 and 2017

2017: Advances in XML Reporting
2015: Creating Custom Reports from PLS XML
2015: PLS Integration & Data Management

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