Power Line Reporting

Power Line Reporting™ is a comprehensive PLS-CADD™ companion application which consists of multiple modules, each addressing a unique aspect of the overhead power line design process.

This suite of tools is designed to help electric utilities meet complex compliance obligations and overcome typical design bottlenecks.

PRG: Pole Report Generator
Enforce modeling standards, 1 page structure summary reports (Sample)


IKE: The IKE 4 to PLS Integration
Pole Loading, As-Built Verification, Pole Replacements


LTG: Load Tree Generator
Manipulate PLS-CADD structure loads into a Manufacturer Friendly Report


BOM: Material List Generator
Automatically size and select bolt lengths, calculate foundation backfill, …


Grid Search: A lightweight PLS-CADD repository
Versioned History, Expose the PLS-CADD Data Set


PLS Tools: Assorted Single Function Tools
Unique operations to augment PLS-CADD design


We’ve presented our industry tested solutions at the Bi-Annual PLS Advanced Training and User Group Meeting in 2015 and 2017

2017: Advances in XML Reporting
2015: Creating Custom Reports from PLS XML
2015: PLS Integration & Data Management

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