Power Line Reporting

Streamlining Power Line Design through innovative PLS-CADD™ integrations

Our comprehensive tool suite is designed to help Electric Utilities increase efficiency, meet compliance obligations, and overcome design bottlenecks.

Pole Report Generator
• One Page Structure Summary Reports (Sample)
• PLS-CADD Model Quality Control Automation
• Enterprise Database Integration

• Automatically Convert an IKE 4 Job to PLS-CADD
• Alignment or XY based structures
• Streamline Pole Loading, As-Built Verification

Load Tree Generator
• Manufacturer’s Preferred Load Tree Format
• Site Specific And Structure Group Loads
• Merging, Enveloping, Rounding

Bill of Material Generator
• Automatically size and select bolt lengths
• Associate Standard Documents to Each Assembly
• Customizable Report Formatting

Grid Search
• Lightweight, Searchable PLS-CADD Repository
• Expose the Rich PLS-CADD Data Set
• Logical Versioned History of PLS-CADD Models

PLS Tools
• PLS-CADD Model Comparison
• Bulk PLS Data Extraction
• Miscellaneous Reports and Operations

We’ve presented our industry tested solutions at the Bi-Annual PLS Advanced Training and User Group Meeting in 2015, 2017 and 2019

2019: PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE Integration with ikeGPS
2017: Advances in XML Reporting
2015: Creating Custom Reports from PLS XML
2015: PLS Integration & Data Management

We guarantee our solutions will save you time and energy in the PLS-CADD design process. If at any point in the first 90 days you feel the solution does not meet your expectations, we will cancel your subscription and fully refund refund your initial license fees. Our solutions are guaranteed to be compatible with any version of PLS-CADD 15.00 and later. PLS Compatibility updates are maintained for the duration of your paid subscription.

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