IKE Integration

Our industry’s most efficient process for distribution modeling in PLS-CADD.

The IKE Integration leverages the best in class tools for field data collection (IKE 4 by ikeGPS) and system modeling (PLS-CADD) to produce a simple, streamlined workflow that increases efficiency both in the field and the back office.

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IKE Integration

As a powerful tool in our industry, the IKE 4 by ikeGPS works in tandem with our custom software integration to rapidly generate as-surveyed PLS-CADD models in the field, saving time and costs in the PLS-CADD Design Process.

Our Ike Integration helps achieve:

  • Rapid development of PLS-CADD models
  • Streamlined Pole Loading and As-Built Verification
  • Consistent PLS-CADD modeling standards

Story of Development

ikeGPS was looking for a way to integrate their field data collection platform with PLS-CADD. Their goal was to expand their highly successful IKE 4 platform into the industry’s most trusted overhead powerline design software (PLS-CADD), but had no internal expertise in the software. We spent over a year working with ikeGPS to fully understand their use cases, customers, and vision for the solution. The end result is a fully integrated end to end solution which allows users to collect field data using the IKE 4 and automatically generate complete PLS-CADD models.


Our team has presented our industry tested solutions at the Bi-Annual PLS Advanced Training and User Group Meeting in 2015, 2017 and 2019

PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE Integration with ikeGPS

An introduction to our custom integration between PLS-CADD and the IKE 4 by ikeGPS.

IKE to PLS Integration Demo

A 30 minutes video walk-through of the IKE Integration.

ATUG Demo Video

Demonstration of the IKE Integration presented at the 2019 PLS Advanced Training and User Group meeting.