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Lightweight PLS-CADD Repository

  • PLS-CADD Repository
    • Core Functionality needed to maintain a logical versioned history of PLS-CADD models
    • Exposes PLS data to non-PLS users
    • Simple Folder Based Project Storage
  • Project Based Storage
    • Stores Full PLS-CADD models instead of PLS-POLE / TOWER Models
    • PLS-CADD models can contain 1 or more structures
    • Provides access to a richer dataset than PLS-POLE / TOWER Models
  • Ad Hoc System Analysis
    • System ‘Dump’ Report extracts all structural elements, basic attachment information and usage / safety factors
    • System ‘Compare’ Report identifies all structural differences between two separate PLS-CADD models on a structure by structure basis (As Built vs Proposed)