Grid Search

Establish system wide organization and accountability in the PLS-CADD Design Process.

Grid Search is a highly functional work management system that tracks the entire history of every PLS-CADD model.
By tracking work progress and increasing data access, clients can achieve clear communication on projects and increase efficiency in the design process.

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Grid Search

Grid Search was developed when client PG&E was looking for a way to meet compliance obligations with California’s GO95 and develop a centralized PLS-CADD data management platform. Through years of development, the Grid Search app became a fully managed PLS-CADD Design Platform helping to optimize processes and drastically reduce costs.

The Grid Search Application is valuable in:

  • Centralizing all PLS-CADD Models into one repository

  • Automating bulk data collection

  • Creating accountability in the design process through “check-in” and “check-out” policies

  • Providing a ‘Dashboard’ experience for the design process

Story of Development

Pacific Gas and Electric (“PG&E”) wanted to centralize their PLS-CADD models into a single managed repository with Check-In / Check-Out policies to ensure accountability in the PLS-CADD design process. This kicked off a multi-year project to design and develop a custom PLS-CADD database that was capable of managing the entire history of an electric utility’s full collection of PLS-CADD models.

In addition to acting as a central repository for PLS-CADD, Grid Search evolved to become an integration hub for PG&E. We began building custom integrations with PG&E’s existing information systems, such as SAP and their internal GIS system, in order to provide a dashboard-like experience where a user would have access to the full set of resources needed for the PLS-CADD design process. Along with being a central place for data integration, Grid Search became a central place for PLS-CADD reporting. We developed a number of PLS-CADD automations which help to bulk generate data from PLS-CADD. These automations provide significant time reductions and enable gathering insights from PLS-CADD which would otherwise be impossible to obtain in a manual process in a limited amount of time. What started out as a centralized repository for PLS-CADD models truly grew into a fully managed PLS-CADD design platform.

For more information read our case study PLS-CADD Integration: Grid Search by Power Line Reporting.