Pole Report Generator

A Highly Configurable PLS-CADD Post Processing Engine

The Pole Report Generator (PRG) is a PLS-CADD Post Processing Application which enforces modeling standards and reporting requirements for a utility across all of their internal and external PLS-CADD users. The application achieves this by referencing a cloud hosted ‘Profile’ unique to each utility that can be configured and updated by a designated administrator.

PRG was designed to meet GO95 record keeping requirements with a clean, simple one page summary report for each structure in a PLS-CADD model (GO95 Rules 44.1, 44.2, 44.4). It has since been expanded to act as a powerful Quality Control tool with a comprehensive notification system. In addition, PRG can be customized to integrate with existing databases or other internal record keeping systems.

Here are a few highlights of PRG’s rich feature set:

  • PLS-CADD QC Options
    • Option to Force user to resolve All PLS Errors and Warnings before generating reports
    • Coordinate System Checks
    • Required PLS-CADD Project File Checks – Criteria, Feature Code, Schema
  • QC Notification System
    • 30 + Notifications
    • Admin defines Notification Severity as Error, Warning or None
      • PLS-CADD Models which generate Errors are NOT allowed to generate reports
      • Warnings will be reported, but reports can be generated
  • PLS-CADD Structure Group Validation
    • Verify if User Defined GO95 Structure Group is valid based on location and attachments
    • NESC and other systems coming soon
  • Granular Control of Elements to Include in Reports
    • Structure Type – Tower / Pole
    • Pole Material – Wood, Steel, Concrete, Fiberglass, Laminated Wood
    • Guy Anchors, Guy Strain Insulators
    • Insulators – Clamp, Strain, Suspension, Two Part, Post
    • Attachments – Equipment, XArms, Tubular XArms, Davits, Tubular Davits, Braces
  • Split Multi-Pole Structures into Separate Reports
    • Stub Poles Automatically Identified and split into a separate report
    • Multi-Pole H-Frame type structures are NOT split into separate reports by default
    • Optional to identify Push Brace and Phase Raisers poles to report separately
  • Wire Tension Reporting Options
    • Sag Tension Wire Tension and Load Case Wire Tension
    • Identify a constant weather / load case to report tensions
    • Automatically report highest tensions and associated weather / load case
  •  PLS Graphic Generation
    • Automatically Generates Dimensioned Model Images and Deformed View ‘Heat Maps’
    • Each Graphic Type can be enabled or disabled