PLS Tools

Assorted PLS Workflow Utilities

  • Pole File Extractor
    • Extract Geometry Data from your PLS-POLE models to help simplify QA/QC for large projects
      • XArms – Structure, Type, Label, Property Label, Origin, Distance from Top, Azimuth
      • Poles – Structure, Material, Property Label, Pole Label, Pole Length
      • Insulators – Structure, Type, Label, Min Required Vertical Load, Property Label, Distance From Top, Azimuth
      • Equipment – Structure, Label, Distance From Top, Azimuth
  • PLS-CADD Line to Line Comparison Report
    • Detailed comparison of two separate PLS-CADD line edits to identify and quantify changes to a PLS-CADD model
      • Summary Report
        • Structure Location Differences – Distance & Bearing
        • List of all Structure Element Differences
      • Structure Reports
        • Detailed List of all Structural Elements and Wires of both versions
        • Detailed List of Differences between both versions
  • PLS-CADD Clearance to TIN Summarizer
    • Condensed Report showing the absolute Minimum Clearance to TIN for each span
  • PLS-POLE Project Title Batch Modify
  • Wood Pole Base Connectivity Batch Modify