IKE to PLS Integration

Leverage the IKE 4, our industry’s most powerful pole data collection platform to generate complete as surveyed PLS-CADD models

Automatically Generated PLS-CADD Model

Automatically Generated PLS-CADD Model Directory Contents

    • Creates a .bak file for each PLS-POLE model for easy insertion into existing PLS-CADD models
    • Configurable Set Numbering Convention
    • Multi-Pole Structures can be modeled in a single IKE Collection / PLS-POLE model (H-Frames, Subject + Stub Pole)
    • Built Method 1 “Stick” Structures
    • Overlay IKE, Location and Bearing Metadata on IKE True Size Images
    • Collect Wire Sag Points, Imported as survey points in PLS-CADD
    • Reference standard Criteria, Feature Code, Schema, Part Library, Cable Files
    • Builds and populates a consistent PLS-CADD project directory
    • Choose between Classic Alignment and Purely XY Based PLS-CADD Models
    • Embed Pole True Size Images + Pole Tag Photos
    • Quickly add an ‘As Built’ or ‘As Surveyed’ Line Edit into an Existing PLS-CADD Model
  • IKE Form
    • Integrated Filtering and Ordering Process
    • Automatically Generated from PLS Component Files
    • Freedom to upload and edit the PLS IKE Form from within our application